Long-Term Economics

  • Attracting a wide audience of users. ASTRONO partners with a large number of bloggers, Influencers and opinion leaders with a total audience of over 700 million subscribers and we are going to keep looking for new affiliates. Users familiar with the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies are <10% of the total population. The ASTRONO project aims to attract millions of new people to explore the world of defi and web3 together in a simple, clear and entertaining way.
  • Educating the engaged audience. ASTRONO creates its own Academy, where training materials will be provided for free in a simple and understandable form for everyone. It is important for us not just to attract a wide audience, but to teach everyone who is interested to use new technologies in the most comfortable and safe way.
  • Community service. One of the most important components in the life of many projects. We want to build a community of happy, healthy, proactive and financially independent participants who change the world for the better. A big aspect of the work of the project is given to moderators and support services so that every user was heard and led by the hand to the solution of their problem.
  • Growth rate control and bot exclusion. A critical component of the economic sustainability of the application, monitoring the quantity and quality of new users. ASTRONO introduces a system of onboarding and activation codes. The user who has installed the application gets acquainted with the application and takes a queue. Various project-related tasks and social activities can be performed to speed up the activation process. This process also allows us to filter out bots.
  • Adding new app mechanics and the ability to customize digital assets. To create additional demand for in-game currency (tokens), users will be offered opportunities to improve their assets, participate in competitions, or customize their assets and create their own NFT.
  • Adding new applications to the Astrono platform. Users will be able to use earned digital assets in various applications on the platform. This mechanic will enable economic sustainability through demand from existing users and reduced dependence on new entrants to the ecosystem.