🐾Story Line

The plans for the Mass Exodus

Humans were always timid of drastic environmental changes, especially that from mother nature in the shape of a seething fit for their transgressions. But did they stop? No, they did not. And just like that, things went out of the loop, out of the narrative, leading to a set of chain events that brought calamity after calamity to the human world. For centuries, humanity remained tone-deaf to sudden population spikes, siring generation after generation to the point where the Earth was unable to carry this burden. For centuries, humanity remained tone-deaf to floodings, volcano eruptions, wind maelstroms, and thunderstorms; a pure indication from nature itself that the time had come for redemption, the time for accountability.

And it hit quite soon enough than humanity had predicted.

It’s 2082, and the Earth is no longer habitable. All its treasures have ceased to exist. There’s nothing left, but debris and thin films of dust dissolved in the very air, ready to assail the lungs of the inhalers. It’s a sight of a post-apocalyptic world, and now, the only refuge for humanity is outer space and beyond. They can’t live on Earth anymore. It’s nigh time that they venture out to space, and build a world, a decent abode for the years to come. And if it’s not done, humanity will perish for the good or the worst. And so, the plans for the mass exodus begin.

By now, a few weeks have passed since their first ejection from the Earth. The ships are nearing the outer layers of the moon. Within a couple of days, they will be alighting top the mesmerizing, and jumpy surface of the moon.

And they do so. The engines throttle down, leaving wisps of smoke in blazing trails. With an unheard jarring thud, the ships land, and the ground shudders in pain. The Astronotos jump in elation, hoping for this survival mission to bear the expected fruits. One after another, the Astronotos usher the resources and assets into the marked position. They turn on the excavators and machinery to do their jobs of terraforming, whilst they hankered for the end results. However, things do not turn out the way they should. With this new unrelenting commotion from the machinery and excavators, something macabre has made its way toward the half-built bases, poised to pulverize the efforts of the Astronotos.

At first, nothing concrete happens. But with each passing day, resources and assets are getting vanished into thin air. At the same time, a lot of the valuables have been stomped and thrashed into thousand smithereens. This means that the Astronotos can not progress further and the plans for the mass exodus will be inherently put to a halt. This, they do not wish, and so they immediately start scouring the nearby areas of the moon.

During the search, many of the Astronotos lose their lives. However, a few of them are still living and breathing. With the killings and disappearances, things have started to go absolutely awry. One night, something humungous, and blood-curdling materializes in front of the remaining Astronotos.

“You peasant humans dare take our planet from us? We, Lumburrs, will not let that happen!”

The thing screeches and bellows as if it’s the end of the world. The Lumburr seems to be an extra-terrestrial creature; the creature of darkness; the creature of space; the creature of nothingness. And from its looks, it is apparent that it will not let the Astronotos finish what they started. Thus, a war ensues between the Astronotos and Lumburrs. A war that is completely just from the eyes of both parties. For Astronotos, it is all about humanity's survival. And for the Lumburrs, it’s the protection of their beloved land from the encroachers: humans.

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