Play-to-earn is one of the fastest growing genres in the gaming market today. Studies have shown that play-to-earn games have created a window of opportunity for crypto gamers and developers around the world to access a unique audience that embraces innovation and progress. By giving creators and innovators a platform for raising or earning capital, the possibilities are endless. Rewards earned can be transferred and sold on exchanges or reinvested into players' video games of choice. This provides an incentive to play, giving projects a large, sustainable user base. Everyone can play. Everyone can win. Everyone is included. Additionally, play to earn provides another stream of revenue for games. This is demonstrated with ASTRONO Games by the opportunity to achieve in-game trophies that you can either sell for real money or utilize to help you become more competitive in the game. To us, the inevitable future of gaming is to provide players with things they can own, destinations they can experience, and incentives for their time. With the global pandemic stretching by 2022, many are turning to P2E gaming as an income source, with many of these participants being from geographical locations described as impoverished. We are happy to not only provide great games for our community to enjoy but to provide opportunities to earn in times where nothing is certain. We here at ASTRONO Games plan on developing a fun and interactive game for our community as well as many economic opportunities while playing our games.

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